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Student finds hundreds of letters from her parents’ long-distance relationship

Macy Su discovered piles and piles of love letters from when her parents were separated by distance.


Macy Su posted photos of the letters on Twitter (Macy Su)

Macy Su posted photos of the letters on Twitter (Macy Su)

Macy Su posted photos of the letters on Twitter (Macy Su)

A student from Texas made a heart-warming discovery when she came across stacks upon stacks of love letters sent between her parents.

Macy Su’s parents were in a long-distance relationship for over five years when her father moved to the United States from China, sending hundreds of letters back and forth to stay in touch.

Posting photos of the letters to Twitter, she said: “My parents were in a long-distance relationship for a few years… but they kept in touch through all these letters. Do you hear me crying?”

Macy revealed that the couple stayed together through the years of distance, and will be celebrating their 21st anniversary later this year.

She said: “My mom was telling me in the car the other day how either of them could’ve dropped it and moved on, but they were high school sweethearts and they had already been together so long, why not try and make it work longer?

“I tried to fit all the letters on the floor into my pictures, but there was a few on the outskirts.”

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The adorable discovery now has over 39,000 retweets.

Macy said that since her tweet has gone viral, her mother has been re-reading the emotional letters.

She said: “I knew they’d written letters to each other before, but I didn’t realise exactly how many they’d written.

“There’s like hundreds in there and I wish I knew more Chinese so I could read it in its entirety without having them translate some parts! It’s such a sweet love story.”

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