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Super-fan who loves MP Dennis Skinner gets amazing themed birthday gift

Susie Stewart has adored the Bolsover representative since she was a child and now has something special featuring his face.

MP Dennis Skinner now features on someone’s flip-flops (Susie Stewart and Chris Ison/PA)
MP Dennis Skinner now features on someone’s flip-flops (Susie Stewart and Chris Ison/PA)

Dennis Skinner super-fan Susie Stewart from Newcastle Upon Tyne received stunning themed flip-flops as a birthday present.

Stewart has been a fan of Skinner, the Labour MP for Bolsover, since she was a child and has several themed items at home already.

Posting about the flip-flops on Twitter, Stewart said: “I bet I’m the only person in the world who got Dennis Skinner flip flops!!! I have the best friends in the world.”

Stewart said: “Since I was a little kid I grew up to know about the incredible Dennis Skinner from my dad, who met him in the 70s as a striking fireman.

“He has been my hero ever since. I run a page on Facebook called Dennis Skinner Is A Legend, and I make compilation films about Dennis and upload all of his contributions in the House of Commons.

“I also try to get as much footage of him speaking elsewhere too, because he speaks for people like me who have no platform.”

(Susie Stewart)

As well as the flip flops, Stewart also has a wall clock, a dinner plate, autographs and more bearing his image.

She added: “I’ve had him on my birthday cakes, I have framed photos of him, he is in a decoration for my Christmas tree.

“I even got a special mention at the end of the amazing Dennis documentary Nature Of The Beast.”

Stewart said: “Dennis was my dad’s hero and he is mine too, I’m just lucky enough to say he is a friend of mine too.

“He watches the compilations I put together of him and although he doesn’t like watching himself back, he said he enjoyed them.”

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