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Teachers are sharing their hysterical stories of catching note-passers in class

We’ve all been caught with a note in class – here are teachers’ best stories of when that’s happened.

(GlobalStock/Getty Images)
(GlobalStock/Getty Images)

Everyone has a story from school when they’ve been caught passing letters in class, and some stories are more embarrassing than others.

Reddit user Just_Floatin_on_bye asked teachers on the website to share their best stories of times they’ve caught note-passers, and they did not disappoint.

Here are 10 of the funniest stories, that might just make you cringe.

1. Love-note passing can have disastrous consequences.

2. This student got some valuable critiques.

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3. This strange note.

4. These mean comments got published.

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5. This teacher used their powers of language.

6. This teacher allowed her student to celebrate her work!

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7. Tip: Always write your notes in secret code.

8. This student really didn’t want his note to be read.

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9. This very strange student.

10. Lastly, this incredibly wholesome note.

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