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Teenager has his late dad’s laugh inked on to his arm as soundwave tattoo

Others shared similar tales after the picture went viral.

A teenager has honoured his late father by getting a tattoo which represents his laugh inked on to his arm.

A picture of the soundwave tattoo went viral after Andrew Soldan, 18, shared it on Reddit.

“It’s a visual reminder of my dad. His laugh is really contagious, very funny and (he was) a great person to be around, he would always put a smile on other people’s faces,” Andrew from Macomb, Michigan, told the Press Association.

For my 18th birthday i got a tattoo of my dads laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever i go now. from pics

Andrew’s dad Mark died on December 8 2015 at the age of 43.

He said: “My Uncle Tommy is the one who got the soundwave in the first place, we were going to print it out and hang it but instead I had the idea of getting the tattoo.”

It was Andrew’s first tattoo and it took the artist about 30 minutes to complete. Unlike some soundwave tattoos, this one cannot be “read” by a smartphone app, but gives Andrew a permanent reminder of his father.

The high school senior posted a picture on Reddit where it was upvoted thousands of times and landed on the site’s coveted homepage. The picture was captioned: “For my 18th birthday I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever I go now.”

“I’m very happy I went through with it, and being on the front page is very overwhelming. I’ve been getting a lot of messages and comments asking how I did it and that people would like to get a tattoo like mine.”

Among those who replied to Andrew’s post was Pim Bouwman a 19-year-old from the Netherlands.

Pim Bouwman who has a tattoo to represent his father's laugh and heartbeat and message.

He also got a tattoo to celebrate his dad’s laugh – combining it with a message and a heartbeat for an artistic interpretation and reminder of his father. As with Andrew’s tattoo, it can’t be read.

Pim’s father Marius, a teacher, died three-and-a-half years ago when Pim was 15.

“From the moment he died I knew I wanted a tattoo as a tribute to him. I am most definitely not a tattoo fan though,” he told the Press Association.

Pim Bouwman's tattoo which represents his father's laugh and heartbeat and message. (Pim Bouwman)

“When his dad passed away, he wrote a book about my grandfather’s life. This tattoo together with following in his footsteps is my way of making sure he is remembered, just like his father.”

Pim hopes to become a teacher like his dad but says this will be his “first and last tattoo.”

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