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The Central line will get air conditioning in 2030 and Twitter can’t wait

Only 12 years – start the countdown!

TfL is making other adjustments for high temperatures on the line (Nick Ansell/PA)
TfL is making other adjustments for high temperatures on the line (Nick Ansell/PA)

When the Central line started a Twitter Q and A, there was only one subject users of the London Underground service wanted to tackle.

The TfL service has become known for being the hottest train service on offer beneath the capital, drawing increased criticism amid the soaring temperatures.

So, in response, the Central line’s Twitter account decided to reassure concerned passengers by asserting new, fully air-conditioned trains are on the way – in 2030.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 12-year timescale offered didn’t go down brilliantly with some members of the public.

In fact, it was met with some derision.

It even inspired some to think ahead and wonder where life, and human invention, might be in 12 years’ time.

Others found it relatable.

Finally, some felt calendars were needed to make sure they didn’t miss the big day.

Chris Taggart, Head of Line Operations for the Central line, told the Press Association that TfL was  making other adjustments for high temperatures on the line.

“We have installed a chiller unit at St Paul’s to try to keep temperatures down at the station, and have refurbished a number of fans across the Central line,” he said.

“We have fitted Central line trains with reflective film on the windows, which helps to reduce temperatures on the above-ground sections of the line, and white film on the roof to help reflect the heat.”

He also advised passengers to carry water with them during the hot spell and look out for those who may need a seat.



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