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The hailstones falling in Australia are absolutely massive

And they’re coming down fast.


Hail stones in Australia

Hail stones in Australia

Hail stones in Australia

Hailstones reportedly the size of golf balls have been crashing down in parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

A severe storm warning is in place in parts of Australia – with lightning, strong winds and hail all expected.

Australians have been taking to social media to share the scenes where they are, with this video from Toowoomba in southern Queensland showing just how much of a pounding some areas are getting.

The Bureau of Meteorology has been keeping people up to date with the storm, and also shared just how big some of the hailstones that are falling have been.

They’re pretty massive.

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Hail is produced by the types of cloud – cumulonimbus – that are associated with thunderstorms, and require a strong upward wind to form.

Drops of water are taken up and down throughout the thundercloud, freezing as they reach the top. They can stay there for a long time, gathering more and more ice, before getting too big for the updraught to hold them any longer and falling to the ground.

Stones anywhere between 5mm and 15cm can be the result.

People have been advised to move their cars under cover and away from trees because of the large stones in Australia.

And when you see the storm you can understand why.

A lot of NSW, including Sydney, is expecting thunderstorms between now and Sunday, although there may well be some respite on Friday and Saturday.

If there’s not, safety permitting, maybe people can use Anthony Young’s method for dealing with the hail instead.

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