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The heart-stopping moment a police officer saves a man from an oncoming train

The events were caught on body camera.

(Perth Amboy Police/PA)
(Perth Amboy Police/PA)

A US police officer is being praised for his bravery in saving the life of a man seemingly asleep in the path of an oncoming train.

Kyle Savoia of the Perth Amboy Police Department has only been a police officer since January, but clearly has what is takes to protect the public.

In dramatic footage shared by the department, Officer Savoia’s body camera records him racing down railway tracks, shouting at a man to move from the path of an oncoming train.

The man, wearing a red shirt, scrambles out of the way mere moments before the train comes to a stop, horn blaring.

As the anonymous man realises what has just happened, he asks officer Savoia, “Where did you come from?” exclaiming: “Oh my god, thank you so much.”

According to the police service, the man was taken to the nearby Raritan Bay Medical Centre for further treatment.

“As police officers, our job is to make quick decisions in difficult situations and to act on them,” said Savoia.

“At the end of the day, all that matters is everyone gets home safe. Also at such an early stage of my career, to be able to make an impactful difference in a person’s life is incredible and makes me love what I do every day.”

Officer Savoia’s father, Sgt Kevin Savoia, passed away in 2016. He served as a Perth Amboy police officer for over 28 years.

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