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The Independent Group’s Nando’s trip prompts (extra) hot debate

There were plenty of questions, not least who had the hottest sauce.

The Independent Group of MPs settling down for a meal at Nando’s (Chuka Umunna)
The Independent Group of MPs settling down for a meal at Nando’s (Chuka Umunna)

The newly-formed Independent Group of MPs has provoked a lot of debate over the past week, but it was their choice of dinner that got Twitter talking on Monday night.

Several of the breakaway group’s MPs – formed of eight ex-Labour and three former Tory lawmakers – shared pictures of themselves tucking into a “cheeky” Nando’s near Parliament.

“First @TheIndGroup meal out before votes tonight at Nando’s!” tweeted Chuka Umunna.

Chris Leslie wrote: “Shaking up Britain’s broken politics is so overdue – and after our positive inaugural @theindgroup meeting today it was great to grab quick bite to eat together! #ChangePolitics.”

Heidi Allen, pictured tucking in to her chicken wings as the rest of the crowd smiled for the photo, tweeted: “Whoops, was I supposed to wait?!”

Twitter users had immediate questions. Where was Mike Gapes’ food? Why was Anna Soubry drinking bottled water when it’s free from the tap? And, most important of all, who had the hottest sauce?

It wasn’t long before the Photoshops began, with @GeneralBoles inserting an image of Ed Miliband joining them with his famous bacon sandwich.

But it was Gavin Shuker – elected to the role of “convener” of the group on Monday – who sought to address the most pressing question of all.

“Hacks struggling for an angle on how best to report the kremlinology of the group be aware I kept a list of medium, lemon and herb, extra hot and my DMs are open,” he tweeted.



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