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The internet wasn’t ready for what Seth Rogen just revealed about Home Alone

It turns out not everybody knew the films within the films were fictional…

A couple react with shock to something on a mobile phone (AntonioGuillem/Getty Images)
A couple react with shock to something on a mobile phone (AntonioGuillem/Getty Images)

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are watched around the world when Christmas is in town, but this year some of the film franchise’s fans got more than they bargained for.

That’s because actor Seth Rogen had just discovered something big about the Macaulay Culkin classics – something that apparently not everyone was aware of.

Angels With Filthy Souls was created solely to feature in Home Alone, while Angels With Even Filthier Souls is mentioned in the sequel.

Both films are used by Culkin’s character Kevin to make it seem to other adults as though he has company.

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The fake gangster movies are played by Kevin to scare off burglars and other intruders, but it appears Rogen wasn’t the only one under the illusion that they were genuine films from the past.

Fellow actor Chris Evans was in the same boat.

Meanwhile actor and comedian Nick Kroll similarly learned something new on Christmas day.

Rogen’s tweet received more than 100,000 likes on Twitter, suggesting that many others had been fooled by the fake flicks.

You learn something new every day.



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