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The Milwaukee Bucks have a unique way of pranking rookies who don’t fulfil their duties…

Sterling Brown could open a cinema on the side after this prank.


A popcorn bucket (christopherhall/Getty Images)

A popcorn bucket (christopherhall/Getty Images)

A popcorn bucket (christopherhall/Getty Images)

Giannis Antetokounmpo has set a tasty precedent for rookies not completing their duties, after the Milwaukee Bucks player punished his team mate Sterling Brown in unique fashion.

It seems the 22-year-old had neglected to place a towel on Antetokounmpo’s chair as he was supposed to after games, something Antetokounmpo was not prepared to let slip.

No need to pay for snacks at the cinema this year at least.

“This is what you get when you don’t do your rookie duties man, I need some towels in my seat every game, after every game!” said Antetokounmpo as the cinema snack poured out of Brown’s car.

“It’s all good,” said Brown. “He’s been saying he’s going to get me back but … they didn’t have to do the popcorn, they could’ve done fruit snacks.”

Fans clearly loved the prank, in fact, a bag of popcorn would have been the perfect way to take it in.

Brown might just have finished clearing his car in time to make sure he puts a towel on Antetokounmpo’s chair next time.