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The sad reason why stray dogs are turning blue in Mumbai

According to local news reports, the dogs are wading into a polluted river to cool off in the hot weather.

Some of the stray dogs in India’s economic capital are turning blue after swimming in and drinking from a polluted river.

According to local news reports, mongrels in the Taloja Industrial Area in Navi Mumbai are changing colour after wading into the Kasadi River to cool off during hot weather.

The Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, an organisation comprising of local residents fighting for animal rights, filed a complaint with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), claiming that dyes were being released directly into the river by industrial units and causing dogs and other creatures such as birds and reptiles to suffer.

Arati Chauhan, resident of Navi Mumbai, who runs the animal protection cell, told the Hindustan Times (HT): “We have been conducting awareness drives in the area so people realise how dogs and other animals are affected by the chemical pollution.

“Most of the dogs from the area have been treated. The powered dye has also turned a few sparrows blue.”

The HT report said the MPCB has taken action and the company releasing the dye has been warned of a shutdown if they do not adhere to pollution guidelines within 15 days.

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