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The unpopular opinion meme is here to help you express yourself

Answers got seriously specific.

If you struggle to articulate your opinions online, this meme could be for you.

It all started with the Barack Obama mic-drop gif, which user Summer Jeanne asked Twitter users to caption. Although she made the post last year, it started to gain traction over the weekend.

So far, so good. Twitter users began replying with unpopular opinions of all kinds.

As with everything popular on Twitter though, the meme began to take on a life of its own, with users making “editions” of the meme for different communities.

From those shining a light on injustice to Twitter users who just want to have fun, the result sure was a rollercoaster of emotions.

In all honesty, a lot of these seem pretty popular, but let’s forget that while we peruse the development of this meme.

Let’s start off with how we treat each other.

And quickly move on to gamers’ unpopular opinions.

Believers in astrology dropped some opinion bombs.

Undocumented immigrants and their allies used the trend to raise awareness of issues the community faces.

Music fans expressed some hard-hitting opinions.

Fans of skincare debunked some myths.

Boozehounds also weighed in.

Some were tired of the meme before it had even run its course, especially as the categories got more and more specific.

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