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There might be nothing more pure than this chihuahua wrapped in a hoodie singing along to U2

This is it. It doesn’t get better.

This is Skippy, a chihuahua who really loves U2.


The deer-head breed chihuahua has been part of the Byrd family since they found him wandering around in the road as a puppy.

His talent for singing was unearthed when one of his humans, Haley, was learning an instrument.

“We first discovered Skippy’s love of music when I was learning how to play the harmonica. He would sing along to certain notes!” she said.

But it’s Skippy’s seriously cute howling while in the car with Haley’s dad that is getting him a lot of attention online.

Here he is, singing a long to a Vitamin String Quartet cover of U2.

Such a good boy.

“He only seems to sing to U2,” Haley quoted her father as saying underneath the tweet. “I have tried many others. Only U2 works.”

No doubt U2 would love him right back.

Skippy going kayaking

Dogs have been observed singing along to music for a long time. Author Stanley Coren, who’s written extensively on canine behaviour, has a few theories as to why.

One that might be relevant to Skippy is the classical element that’s involved in this particular song.

“Sometimes dogs can be induced to howl by a long note on the violin or even by a human holding a long note while singing. Perhaps these sound like proper howls to the listening dog and he feels the need to answer and join the chorus,” Coren wrote in Psychology Today.

Whatever Skippy’s reason, the internet has a new favourite.

Protect Skippy at all costs.

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