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There’s a dog that does handstands while it pees

We’ve seen it all now.

It’s pretty much fact that animals rule the internet.

And while cats could reasonably be assumed to have control of the throne, with cat content abounding, dogs still get their fair share of attention.

Take Augie the beagle for instance – a video of him uploaded to YouTube has provoked wonderment as the dog walks on his front paws while peeing.

It’s impressive on so many levels. The balance, the concentration, the nonchalance, the sheer determination to mark as much territory as possible in one go.

“It’s the wackiest thing… people go crazy when they see him… they usually run over and say ‘Hey wait a minute, did you train that dog to do that?’ which I find hysterical. That’d be a weird thing to train a dog to do,” Justin McCarthy told the New York Post about his eight-year-old beagle.

You can understand the confusion though.

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