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There’s a sinister army of partially melted snowmen terrifying the country

Remember them in happier times. Seeing partially melted snowmen is just very sad.

An army of snowmen rose across the UK after winter weather brought more than a covering of snow.

But as the snow turned to slush and then melted the fun was drained from the Parson Brown lookalikes.

As temperatures rose the snowmen started to look more like ghosts and ducks than the smiley friends of winter that were initially created.

In fact, it was all just a bit sad.

Nothing more sad than a melted #snowman that starts to resemble a duck

A post shared by Diabetic Dad (@diabeticdad_uk) on

And there was something a bit sinister about the snowy stumps that remained.

Not least because their melted off faces looked like something from Terminator.

On my travels and saw this sad snowman he lost his face :( awhh...

A post shared by Debs (@jetty2yo) on

We can’t say Raymond Briggs didn’t warn us.

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