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There’s no love like this dog looking out for his owner in the ‘scary’ shower

Frightened? I’ll bring you a toy.

If you need more proof that humans don’t deserve dogs, look no further.

On Saturday, Twitter user Rebecca Weaver shared that her adorable mini Goldendoodle named Clark worried about her when she took a shower.

Clark assumes Rebecca must hate showers because he detests thems himself, so he regularly brings his favourite toy to comfort her while she’s washing.

The adorable photos have been retweeted over 190,000 times, making Clark somewhat of an internet star.

Twitter users had a few questions about the photos, including what Clark’s motives were in bringing his toy and why Rebecca had her phone in the shower.

Worry not, she had explanations for it all.

The world can seem tough sometimes, but just remember, Clark loves you.

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