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Theresa May took part in a tea ceremony on her visit to Japan and the memes are something else

The Prime Minister was captured, mid-sip, in a meme-worthy pose.

Theresa May is currently visiting Japan on a trip which will focus on trade and security. So far she has experienced a ride on a bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo, a dinner and a traditional tea ceremony with Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

As pictures emerged from the ceremony, Twitter users couldn’t resist giving one particular shot the meme treatment. As May lifted the bowl to her lips, she clearly enjoyed the tea inside, smiling as she put it down.

Some thought the receptacle she was drinking from looked familiar.

May will be joined in Tokyo by a 15-strong delegation of UK business leaders, along with International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. They will attend the UK Japan business forum in central Tokyo, where the PM will make a speech.