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Thermal images show off nighttime activity among London Zoo animals

The zoo took pictures of a number of animals, including lions, flamingos and hippos.


Striking images show the unique heat patterns of some of London Zoo’s best-loved animals.

Staff at the zoo used a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera to capture the images of some of their animals, including flamingos, an Asiatic Lion and a pygmy hippo.


Kathryn England, ZSL London Zoo chief operating officer, said: “These thermal images give a really unique view of the animals – and while they look quite beautiful and artistic, they also tell us a lot about each individual and what they were up to that night.

“Nicky the pygmy hippo’s golden glow lets us know she’s just enjoyed a dip in her heated pool, while Nancy the porcupine’s cool feet suggest she’s been foraging for food outdoors.”


“It’s really fascinating to see the animals from this perspective.”

The images highlight the unique features of the animals, showing off the thick insulating skin of Nicky the pygmy hippo and the thick mane of Bhanu the the Asiatic lion, which helps to regulate his temperature.


The pictures, captured with a FLIR T1K HD thermal imaging camera, were taken to promote London Zoo Lodges, which allow visitors to stay overnight in one of nine cabins the park’s Land Of The Lions exhibit.



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