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These absurd excuses for being late turned out to be true

Does a badger under your car count as a legitimate excuse?

( John Walton/PA)
( John Walton/PA)

There are two types of people in this world. Those who pride themselves on being on time, and those who just can’t help being a tad late.

Unfortunately, on occasion, being late just can’t be helped. Whether it’s an accident, a family emergency or the presence of a badger near your car, these elaborate excuses for tardiness sound too crazy to be true – but they are, according to those who posted them on Reddit.

The mystery of the stolen door

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The Grinch who killed a nativity sheep

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The “watch the news” excuse

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The man with many grandparents

The man who ran over himself

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The matching excuses

The classic “badger under my car”

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There you have it, a whoie raft of ready-made excuses next time you are late. Be prepared to offer proof though!

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