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These doggos made it on to their company website by being good girls

The pair wore ties for their photoshoot.

Sola and Luna (Shelley Au photography/PA)
Sola and Luna (Shelley Au photography/PA)

Two hard-working dogs are getting the praise they deserve after their owner shared their office portraits online.

Luna, a six-year-old black Labrador, and Sola, a three-year-old red fox English Labrador, regularly go to work with Hallee Smith’s dad.

“Luna and Sola love coming into work because they get all kinds of attention and treats,” said Hallee, a student at Kent State University, majoring in marketing and minoring in graphic design.

“They usually come in once or twice a week and provide ‘stress relief’ to employees. The employees are all dog-lovers and love it when they come to visit!”

The role they play is so vital to the company that Hallee’s dad decided to add them to the company website as employees.

He came up with the idea in order to give the business a fun persona online, and it has certainly worked.

“We have gotten a positive response from customers who love the idea and love seeing the dogs at work,” said Hallee.

Outside the office, the dogs’ personalities are quite different.

According to Hallee, Luna is “very stubborn, emotional, moody, and laid back but super sweet and loving (when she wants to be); sometimes she likes to be alone”.

Sola on the other hand,  is “very hyper, goofy, loves to cuddle and be close to people at all times, and is always bringing you something to greet you whether its a bone, a sock, or a remote”.

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