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These gingerbread house fails prove that biscuit-based architecture is harder than it looks

Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to live in any of these houses.

Gingerbread houses are a staple of the festive season, with our Instagram feeds (and indeed our bellies) full of beautifully-decorated spiced houses this time of year.

But as so often happens, social media makes things look a whole lot more perfect than they actually are in real life. Spare a thought for those who attempted to make the picture-perfect gingerbread house, only to find that biscuit-based architecture is actually really quite tricky.

Frustrated Ron Swanson GIF by HULU - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here are some of our favourite gingerbread houses that didn’t quite go to plan, despite the efforts of some particularly valiant chefs.

Some gingerbread creations didn’t even get to a stage of resembling houses.

Others suffered severe, irreparable structural damage.

Some builders went a bit too over the top with decorations, leading to difficulties.

And then there were the buildings that looked more like haunted houses than gingerbread houses.

We’re not even sure how these houses managed to break up into so many pieces.

Maybe those houses were also struck by dinosaurs?

But there is a silver lining: Even if your gingerbread house isn’t quite worthy of a photoshoot, at least it’ll still taste amazing.

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