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These goats are helping to prevent wildfires

The goats will protect the city of Oakland from wildfires.

(ArisSu/Getty Images)
(ArisSu/Getty Images)

A city in California is using a novel method to protect itself from being ravaged by wildfires: goats.

A video posted to Twitter by Oakland Zoo showed some of the 3,500 goats in action, munching away on dry grass and scrub which otherwise would become a fire hazard.

California experiences around 6,000 wildfires a year, putting lives in danger and costing millions of dollars.

Californian towns and cities have used goats as a preventative measure for decades and the idea is spreading to Europe too.

The animals have been deployed in Portugal as it experiences a scorching summer. Last year over 100 people were killed in summer wildfires in the country.

“Last year was when it became patently clear to us that something different had to be done,” Miguel Joao de Freitas, junior minister for forests and rural development, told Sky News.

“Prevention is the most urgent requirement, and it has to be done as soon as possible.”



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