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These miniature cops in New York are just having the best time

Awww. Three-year-olds Aaron and Evan are super cute.

Meet Aaron and Evan Rolon: the cop-obsessed twins who are winning fans by dressing up as miniature police officers – and then meeting the real thing.

The three-year-olds routinely go out and about in their home city of New York visiting police departments and hanging out with officers at public events.

They even have their own replica patrol car.

Father Alejandro Rolon, 38, from Washington Heights, explained how the interest from his boys started last summer when they went to the store for sweets in a remote control car.

“A real police car pulled next to us and as a joke they gave the boys a ticket.”

“I had another toy car transformed into a mini NYPD cruiser and I dressed the boys as police to complement the officers,” he explained.

“I took the boys to Times Square in their new ride and it went viral again.”

Since then the boys have visited more than 30 police departments, mainly in NYC, but also in New Jersey, Washington DC, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia with their father and mother Kelly Caceres.

Their pictures have been a hit with fans, regularly scoring hundreds of likes on Instagram and Twitter where they have more than 9,000 followers.

Pictures of their many visits are also shared by the police departments excited to see the boys.

Alejandro, who has five children with Kelly, said: “The boys are aware of their fans. They are loved all over. The 34th Precinct, by our house regularly stops by the playground to hang out with the boys.”

For the twins’ third birthday, just before Thanksgiving, they had a police-themed party at the home of the 48th precinct.

“What better way to celebrate with their uniformed friends?” said Alejandro.

“We cut the cake during shift change, morning crew just finished and afternoon team was getting ready to head out. Everybody sang and laughed, we all ate and then it’s off to work.”

And do Aaron and Evan want to be cops when they are older?

“According to them they are already police!”

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