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These paintballs colliding in mid-air in super slow-motion will leave you feeling oddly-satisfied

The Slow Mo Guys are at it again.

If you’ve ever played paintball, you’ll know the satisfying paint-splatter from a clean impact – but YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys have taken this one step further.

Aiming the gas-powered paint launchers opposite each other, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy set out to make the colourful ammunition collide in the air. And in the video creators’ hallmark high-resolution slow motion, it’s all rather hypnotising…

Gavin said it took about two hours to take the paintball shots with his high-speed cameras, but with years of experience he certainly makes it look easy.

“I’ve been doing it about 13 years so it feels pretty second nature at this point,” Gavin told the Press Association.

The Slow Mo Guys

High-speed filming works by taking significantly more frames per second (fps) than conventional cameras, which have a standard rate of around 24-30 fps. By having footage made from hundreds of thousands of images per second, slow motion video can be produced by playing back the frames more gradually.

Asked what advice he would give to others trying to get into the game of high-speed filming, Gavin said “experience with each individual camera definitely helps.”

The paintball guns aimed at each other

So what next for the Gav and Dan after their paintballing exploits?

“We have some much higher budget videos coming soon,” said Gavin.

Whether Gavin was just joking about the fact their latest video involved two paintball guns in clamps outside in the garden isn’t clear – but with flamethrowers and explosions used in previous videos, it’s fair to say you can expect big things.

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