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These people went rogue and started playing tennis while stuck in traffic

You might want to have some spare tennis rackets in the car the next time you head out on the motorway.


(Jack Sheridan/PA)

(Jack Sheridan/PA)

(Jack Sheridan/PA)

Two people decided to pass their time while in a traffic jam on the M6 by playing a game of tennis.

Jack Sheridan was stuck between junction 18 and 19, near Warrington, for an hour-and-a-half due to an incident up ahead when the unidentified pair emerged with their rackets.

The footage, which was later shared by 22-year-old Sheridan on Twitter, shows the keen tennis players batting a ball to each other without seeming to worry about the rather unusual setting. Who needs a net, hey?

“They were playing for 10 minutes until a fire engine came and told them to clear the road,” said Sheridan.

“I thought about joining in but I had my hands full with an ice cream from an ice cream man up ahead in the traffic jam and a beer.”

(That’s what you call having your priorities sorted…)

It’s certainly inspired us to keep a spare tennis racket or two in the boot of our car when heading off on a road trip, anyway. You never know when you might get the urge to brush up on your serve…