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These perfect baby wallabies will provide your cute fix for the day

They’re currently being hand-reared by zoo staff until they’re ready to meet their public.

These baby wallabies are settling in to their new home at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Three female red-necked wallaby joeys have arrived to be part of a new exhibit at the park, but are currently being hand-reared by staff until they’re ready to meet their public.

“These wallaby joeys are mostly nocturnal and spend much of their day in their pouches, where they are most comfortable,” said senior keeper Kimberly Millspaugh.

“They come out for their bottle-feedings and some occasional playtime. They are aware of each other and tend to be a little curious of one another. We see them poke their heads out at each other and touch noses from time to time.”

A wallaby Joey is bottle fed by a keeper

The joeys are all aged five or six months, and stand about a foot tall.

Keepers are feeding them a mix of special marsupial formula milk, hay and marsupial feed pellets.

Eventually they will join the as yet unopened Walkabout Australia exhibit, which will give visitors the chance to interact with Australian species like wallabies, kangaroos and wombats, as well as learning about their natural habitats.

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