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These seals playing with a sunken boat are having so much fun

Kaiako and Orua get their very own boat to play with at Auckland Zoo.

Check out these adorable seals as they play with their new toy – their very own shipwreck.

Kaiako and Orua, who live at Auckland Zoo in New Zealand, were given the old fishing boat to change up their enclosure and keep them interested in their surroundings.

The pair were brought to the zoo to be rehabilitated but couldn’t be returned to the wild.

Now their keepers do everything they can to keep them entertained and active in their pool.

They decided the old boat would be the perfect new obstacle.

Keeper Odin Neil even donned his diving gear to teach them how to swim through it.

The zoo said: “It’s important that we enhance their behaviours and environments, encouraging them to act as they would in the wild.

“This can mean making them forage for their food, taking them for walks, changing up their environment, and giving them toys and puzzles that encourage them to play, think and use their strength.”

The zoo said its keepers are always looking for new ways to enhance their animals’ lives with new objects, textures and obstacles.

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