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These tales of ‘just in case’ moments paying off will kick-start 11 good habits

People took to Reddit to relive moments when their organisation skills really paid off.


Sandwiches (martinrlee/Getty Images)

Sandwiches (martinrlee/Getty Images)

Sandwiches (martinrlee/Getty Images)

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who are organised and people who wing it at the last minute, and sometimes being the organised one pays off big time.

Reddit user _jbass asked people on the website: “When has something you’ve always done ‘just in case’ paid off?”

Here are 11 of Reddit’s best tips for organisation, that might just kick-start several good habits.

1. Always pack a sandwich.

2. Never get locked out again.

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3. Handy DIY tools are always necessary.

4. Future you will thank you later.

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5. Always bring back-up glasses.

6. This horrifying cautionary tale.

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7. Seriously. Always check for bugs.

8. This person’s organisation paid off.

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9. Not abiding by this rule could have disastrous consequences.

10. Every cloud has a silver lining…

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11. Lastly, you’ll be using this effective tactic from now on.

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