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This animator’s re-imagining of Russia 2018 commentary is marvellous

You’ll recognise the words, but you’ve never seen the World Cup like this.

(Nick Murray Willis/YouTube)
(Nick Murray Willis/YouTube)

Nick Murray Willis’ creations bring new meaning to words you probably already heard over the past few weeks.

The animator from Brighton has taken commentary from matches at the World Cup and re-imagined it into satirical cartoons that are both weird and wonderful.

Nick’s brilliant use of the words of commentators such as Peter Drury and Guy Mowbray changes their meaning entirely and to comedic effect.

So, what has been his commentary highlight of the World Cup in Russia?

“Ronaldo’s last-minute free-kick against Spain got some amazing reactions from different commentators around the world,” Nick told the Press Association. “I’ve used three different takes on that goal in my last couple of videos.”

Nick’s World Cup special is just one in a series of such creations.

Along with football, WWE, the NBA and famous movie lines are also subjects he’s tackled.

So, what does the future hold for Nick and his tickling animations?

“I’m working on a video for one of the top European football leagues at the moment,” said Nick. “On a personal front I have some plans to make more videos of sport, WWE, movies and TV shows.”

To keep up to date with Nick’s work, check him out on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.

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