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This Australian driver gave an incredibly honest answer when caught speeding

When nature calls, there’s not much you can do.

A truck driver caught speeding in Western Australia may have lost their licence, but at least they’ve still got their integrity.

The unidentified person was stopped by Dalwallinu police travelling at 97kmh (60mph) – 37kmh over the speed limit.

And when asked why they were driving so fast the driver gave a truly honest response. Unluckily for them, it didn’t much help their cause.

“I needed to shit”, the person said, according to the police. “Kids have given me gastro”.

Despite all that honesty the person still lost their licence and was fined $1200 (£705) – making that, once they got home, a very expensive poo.

It wasn’t the only honest excuse Dalwallinu police were given that day, with someone else just 25 minutes before blaming their speed on talking.

Maybe honesty is not the best policy after all.

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