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This beautiful two-toned cat is getting ready for Christmas

The tortoiseshell animal has a face which is half black, half ginger.

Meet Yana, a beautiful cat whose unusual marking has earned her a loyal following on Instagram.

Divided straight down the middle, the left side of her face is black, while the right is ginger.

Yana, who lives with her owner Elizabeth in Minsk, Belarus, can be seen entering into the Christmas spirit in one recent picture.

Her striking facial markings are complemented by gold and silver tinsel, while a Christmas tree is seen in the background.

Я всегда мечтала о кроватке для Яны🐈 смотрите, как здорово😸 личная кошачья кровать😺 Эту кроватку я нашла в ikea, в отделе ролевых игр для детей 😏, и так жалко, что в Беларуси нет этого прекрасного магазина🙄, а в Польшу ради этого чуда не поедешь ведь... Так что, думаю, Вам будет полезно, делюсь доставкой из ikea в Минск, вот сайт Яна спит теперь постоянно в кроватке, а Милка боится😋 Яна в доме главнее, и нос Миле поцарапает, и еду отберет, такие уже смешнули, наблюдать одно удовольствие за ними💟 А где ваши хвостики спят? Делитесь историями🐾🐾 #yanatwofacecat

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“She’s a very unusual cat,” her owner Elizabeth, a student, told Press Association. “She understands everything.

“Yana likes to catch moths and flies and I love Yana very much. I like to photograph her and share our photos in our Instagram.

“I dreamed of being popular in my childhood – and so it turned out that my favourite cat is popular.”

Elizabeth has owned Yana for about a year. She collected her from an elderly couple in Orsha after spotting an ad on the internet.

Now they have 51,000 followers on Instagram.

In another recent Instagram pic, Yana can be seen snuggled up in a blanket.

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