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This case of mistaken text message will be familiar to all people with siblings

Katie’s brother Ellis was named co-captain of Wales’ rugby team this week.

A student from Wales has shared an agonising moment of receiving a text meant for her international rugby player brother.

Katie Jenkins just completed four years of a pharmacy degree and so it was no surprise when her mother sent her a message reading: “Well done darling.”

However, just four minutes later, Jenkins received another message from her mother saying “wrong child sorry”.

The child the message was supposed to go to is Jenkins’s brother Ellis, who on Tuesday was named co-captain of the Welsh rugby team for their summer tour.

Jenkins, who is a rugby player herself, shared the exchange on Twitter, much to the joy of other users.

Jenkins may not have received the congratulatory message she wanted from her mum, but plenty of others stepped in.

Well done on your degree Katie!

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