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This cat’s wide-eyed reaction to classical music is seriously strange

Choco the black cat was absolutely transfixed.

A cat’s rather strange reaction to classical music has gone viral.

Professional classical pianist Yuriko Morota and her husband, a cellist, were listening to the fourth movement of Mahler’s Symphony No 9 at home when they noticed their cat Choco behaving strangely.

“His movements were so extraordinary that using my smartphone, I immediately began to video-record him,” said Yuriko.

“His movements were so mysterious and interesting that my husband and I couldn’t help laughing aloud.”

The video Yuriko shared has been viewed more than two million times, but it isn’t the first time she has shared her feline friends with the world.

“I’ve been doing this with the cat I was living with for 20 years, before Choco,” she said.

“My previous cat was also extremely cute, and when I’d perform concerts I’d sometimes receive presents from concert-goers ‘for your cat’.”

The video of Choco inspired some of Twitter’s more creative users to draw him.

Choco had a lucky start to life, after Yuriko and her husband adopted him.

“He was a stray that came to live with us two and a half months after he was born in a neighbour’s yard. He’s now one year old,” she said.

“He’s a so-called ‘scaredy-cat’, very timid and easily frightened and very spoiled.”

And now, he’s very famous.

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