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This coach driver has the best makeshift set up for roadside naps

“This is like, NASA level engineering.”

A coach driver has been commended for his ingenuity online after being spotted relaxing off-duty in London.

The anonymous driver was seen reclining on a hammock that he’d hung off a lamp post and something inside the coach’s luggage storage.

And he’d obviously done this before – this wasn’t the kind of flimsy hammock you’d Instagram on your beach holiday – this was clearly a utility hammock, complete with drinks holder.

The coach driver reclines in a green hammock

And fair enough, if you’re stuck in a stuffy coach all day the last thing you want to do is enjoy your well-deserved Evian and (computer, enhance) grab bag of confectionery inside it.

The picture was snapped by photographer Jon Fairclough, who spotted him on London’s Embankment.

According to Reddit, where Fairclough uploaded his photo, this was some “like, NASA level engineering” and “genius”.

Apparently, hammocks are a pretty common way for coach drivers in Europe taking long trips to catch some shuteye near the road. We’re still impressed though.

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