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This comedian decided to insult every flag in the world on Twitter and his journey is enthralling

It’s taking quite a bit longer than he first thought.

One comedian has put his own spin on the patriotism debate by taking to Twitter to sort-of insult every flag of every country.

Some NFL players have been taking a knee during the American national anthem, following in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps by peacefully protesting perceived racial injustice, while others have linked arms or simply stayed in their locker rooms – this has led to discussion in the US about patriotism and protest.

Comedian Ken Cheng is the man behind the flag tweets – speaking to indy100, he said: “People are getting worked up at the idea of disrespecting a flag but I thought it would be fun to do all of them, in the true spirit of equality. I don’t actually hate them, in fact not caring about them either way is why I’m happy to disrespect them”.

He started with the flag of the US and he didn’t stop there.

The United Kingdom didn’t get off lightly – what’s up with those diagonals?

He got France with some ice cream banter – oh that’s cold.

The total of 195 flags is a huge undertaking and one which Ken is not even close to completing at the time of writing, but it looks as though he’s in it for the long haul.

After a few flags though, Ken’s tweets became reasonably complimentary.

It wasn’t long before that all changed. Unlucky Denmark.

Ken’s project then took a twist as he announced he had an audition coming up that could distract from the task.

While he did attend the audition, albeit distractedly, another layer was added to the story with the addition of a presumably fictitious intern.

The “intern” was introduced as Humbert Wendell and he had plenty to say.

Wendell’s first tweet was a critique of Georgia’s flag before he moved on to more pun-themed posts.

However, “creative disagreements” very quickly became a factor, which is where Wendell was presumably asked to leave.

Ken still has more than 100 flags to go but seems to have settled into a more manageable pace.

Will he complete 195 out of 195 or will he start to flag?

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