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This dog can’t swim but absolutely loves a paddling pool

Max is learning to enjoy the water.

You may assume all dogs can swim, but this one needs a paddling pool to have fun in the water.

Max the alaskan klee klai recently attended a pool party for dogs and found himself only able to go in the shallow pool.

His owner videoed Max’s joyful splashing and shared it on Reddit.

Loves the water, but does not know how to swim… so he’s stuck in the kiddie pools from aww

“He loves the water, but was always hesitant in going to the deeper end of the pool,” said Max’s owner, Jason Lee from Orange County, California.

“I’ve tried assisting him to the deeper end, however it turned out to be a major fail.”

Jason is hoping Max gets some confidence in the pool as time goes on.

“Now Max sits on the sidelines and watches other dogs swim,” he says.

“Hopefully this year we have better luck and he gets to enjoy swimming with his friends.”

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Coming soon... 👽 Alien Canine 🐾

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If you liked watching Max enjoying himself, you can catch him and his sister Rosie on Instagram.

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