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This dog had the most unimpressed reaction to her owner playing video games

Sophie the dog was extremely judgmental of her owner’s video game technique.


Dog playing video games

Dog playing video games

Dog playing video games

Usually it’s parents that become concerned over a serious video game habit, however this viral video proves that sometimes the judgment can come from the family dog.

Zane Schwartz, a photographer from Los Angeles, posted the YouTube video of his dog Sophie’s concerned reaction to his mother’s video game hobby.

The video, which now has over 230,000 views, shows Schwartz’s mother proving her skills at Call Of Duty WWII while Sophie watches, unimpressed.

Schwartz said his mum plays video games at least three to four times a week, and that her favourite is Call Of Duty.

He said: “She got tired of wanting to borrow my Xbox so she went out and bought her own a few months ago… She’s tried playing other games, but she’s the best at Call Of Duty.”

He added that Sophie often hops up on the sofa when people are watching TV or playing video games to join in.

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He said: “I think Sophie’s reaction is of disappointment. ‘I can’t believe she’s gotten this addicted to that game’.”

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