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This duo playing basketball together will encourage you to talk to strangers

‘People would be blown away at how special we really are if they just took the time to see that.’

A video of two men playing basketball together is warming the hearts of Twitter users.

John Crichton filmed an elderly man playing basketball with a young one in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, a suburb outside Philadelphia. The pair can be seen shooting hoops and talking in a lovely exchange between generations.

Crichton, who runs sports talk business Wildfire Sports and hosts a talk show podcast, said he has seen the older man shooting hoops at the court by himself, but this was the first time he had seen him playing with someone else.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Crichton wrote “we should all follow their lead” of putting aside our differences to interact with one another.

He told the Press Association: “I’m not naive to think that one simple game of basketball will solve all the problems, but it sets an example that it’s not hard to do.

“We should take a few minutes to spend with one another. People would be blown away at how special we really are if they just took the time to see that.”

After filming the heart-warming moment and posting it on his personal Twitter page, Crichton sent the video to local news outlet 6ABC, where thousands of people viewed it.

The two men featured in the video – reported by ABC to be lawyer Gary Bloom and Woods Services worker Aaron Banks – are “blown away by the response”, according to Crichton.

“They are two wonderful people that didn’t see this as anything but a few minutes spent as people, not age or race different but just people,” he said.

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