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This epic tale of an aeroplane romance will have you hooked

Get ready for a wholesome ride.

(Rosey Blair/PA)
(Rosey Blair/PA)

Social media users have been gripped by a potential love story in the making on a short haul US flight.

Rosey Blair, 30, and her partner were travelling back to their home city of Dallas, Texas from an improv comedy gig in New York when they may have unwittingly helped the romance to blossom.

We’ll let Rosey take it from here.

“We booked our flight pretty last minute and could not sit together,” the comedian and plus-size style Instagrammer said.

“My boyfriend is quite thin and I am plus size, so we knew we would need to ask to sit together to make ourselves and others around us more comfortable.

“My boyfriend sat down first next to an attractive young woman and before he could get the full question out, she offered to switch seats with me provided her new seat partner ‘wasn’t a weirdo’.”

“I sat down next to my boyfriend and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if she met the love of her life?’

Sure enough, seconds later a “tall, handsome athletic man with a bit of a scruffy beard” turned up, helped the woman with her bag, and the pair sat down and began to chat.

“He sat down next to her and my boyfriend and I began squirming with delight, elbowing one another,” said Rosey.

Luckily for us, Rosie shared every twist and turn of the journey with her 18,000 Instagram and 1,000 Twitter followers.

From sharing a cheese board to talking about their shared interests, social media was with them all the way.

“Both of them seemed ambitious, open and engaging,” said Rosey, who shared the #PlaneBae story in real time, thanks to on-board WiFi.

“As soon as we saw them connect I wanted to share it with my followers,” she said.

“People started sending photos of themselves drinking wine, eating popcorn and watching with baited breath. They cheered the duo on. I wish they knew how many people in different places were hoping they would click.”

The saga even continued after the pair left the plane, as Rosey and her partner rushed to see how they would leave each other.

As the story went incredibly viral overnight, the man in the story came forward – none other than Euan Holden,  a former Stockport County and Bury midfielder. Football fans may also remember his brother Stuart Holden who played for Bolton and the United States.

With his permission, Rosey shared his profile with those following the story, and people immediately began to send him supportive messages.

So far, no detail has emerged on whether the pair’s connection was romantic or just friendly, but Rosey is happy for them either way.

“I’m even happy if they formed a friendship or if their chance encounter provided them with inspiration to seek out romance in general,” she said.

“From what we could tell – these two had a natural rapport and a magical connection.

“If I let my fantasies run wild? I hope they get married and open a gym together and get to travel to breathtaking outdoorsy destinations.”

A beautiful story. Now we wait with baited breath for the next chapter.



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