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This Fifa 18 player’s girlfriend gave him a supplies crate most could only dream of

Daniel has played a large amount of Fifa since receiving it.

Gamers and football fans across the world stocked up on supplies this week as they settled in for some time out of the sunlight – with the release of Fifa 18.

For 18-year-old Daniel Espinoza though, a trip to the shops wasn’t necessary – as his girlfriend, Lizbeth Ramirez, supplied him with an “emergency kit” most avid gamers could only dream of.

Daniel, from El Paso, Texas, said he had been anticipating Fifa’s latest edition for almost a month, even buying the game’s Icon Edition, which would give him three day early access.

“A couple of days before the release date she mentioned to me she had made me something,” said Daniel. “She was really excited to give me this and I kept asking her what it was but she wouldn’t tell me, not even a hint.”


What Lizbeth, 18, had waiting for Daniel was more sweets and energy drink than you can imagine – all with encouraging notes handwritten on them to inspire him to victory on the game.


“I have now played Fifa every day since its early release,” Daniel, unsurprisingly, added.

Apparently Daniel wasn’t too surprised by Lizbeth’s understanding and kindness however.

“Me and my girlfriend have always been really corny with each other we get each other gifts like this often,” he said.

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