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This girl coloured in her mum’s tattoo and did an amazing job

Designer Anja van Staden had a black ink tattoo… but not for long.

(Anja van Staden)
(Anja van Staden)

There’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have any paper when you sit down to draw… but this little girl had an ingenious solution.

Anja van Staden, from Johannesburg, showcased her daughter Alaska’s artwork on Twitter, after the seven-year-old gave her mum’s black floral tattoo a splash of colour.

She said: “I am a designer and she’s always colouring and sketching with me. It was the first time she did it. We were both bored at the time.”

Van Staden said that Alaska would love to grow up and be an artist and designer, and that she’ll definitely be colouring more of her tattoos in the future.

She said: “We definitely plan on doing it again and Mom is definitely getting more tattoos, nothing better than being a human colouring book.”

The photos of Alaska colouring in her mum’s tattoo now have 111,000 retweets.

Many people have commented admiring her work, and have even admitted the seven-year-old could beat them in a colouring contest.

Van Staden said: “The reaction has been out of this world, I think it’s been a breath of fresh air amidst all the negative news, and I’m happy to have brightened some people’s day. Alaska is also thrilled about it.

“I think many people have changed their minds about tattoos recently, and this may have been one of the things to let people see that even kids love them.”



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