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This girl’s messages to her grandma have gone viral for all the right reasons

Some serious grandma-granddaughter goals right here.

Getting ready for a wedding can be nerve-wracking. Once you’ve decided what to wear and got yourself dressed up though, all you need is some encouragement from a good friend and you’re sure to be the confident lifeblood of the party.

For 65-year-old Rachel, that friend is her granddaughter Charlie, 17, whose candid and caring compliments could set an example to many of us…

The first screenshot of Charlie and Rachel's conversation
A second screenshot of Charlie and Rachel's conversation

Charlie says her friendship with her grandma is “amazing”, and that age shouldn’t be a factor in the way they treat each other.

“She really is my best friend and just because she’s old doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hype her up like I would with my younger friends,” Charlie told the Press Association.

A third screenshot of Charlie and Rachel's conversation

Charlie’s close friendship with Rachel has proved an enormous hit online, where she posted screenshots of their conversation on Twitter – attracting tens of thousands of likes.

“She does know about the tweet,” Charlie said, in reference to her grandma. “But she can’t quite grasp the fact it’s real people.”

Despite her lack of knowledge when it comes to Twitter, it’s clear that the language Charlie uses has rubbed off somewhat on Rachel – lovingly calling her granddaughter “bae” without batting an eyelid.

Charlie and Rachel

All in all, it looks like Rachel is one pretty awesome grandma.

And in case you don’t believe that yet – here she is throwing some modern dance moves like a pro.

Rachel, Charlie – keep doing what you’re doing.

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