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This guy gave his grandmother trendy sunglasses and now all her friends own a pair too

Ian Price stopped wearing the shades after his girlfriend said she didn’t like them, so passed them on to Carolyn.

When Ian Price’s girlfriend told him that no, she did not like the circle-rim sunglasses he had purchased he made an intriguing decision – he gave them to his grandmother Carolyn.

Carolyn took a liking to the trendy shades – bought for 7 dollars (£5.32) from Amazon – and now, incredibly all of her friends own a pair too.

Carolyn and her friends

“She’s wearing those shades all the time now,” Ian, from Boston, Massachusetts, told the Press Association.

Ian’s family receive pictures of Carolyn in group texts sent by her home health aide, and he said she is wearing the sunglasses in “nearly all” the pictures.

“Her friends chose to buy matching pairs because they like to make fashion statements for a bit of attention in their golden years,” said Ian. “They’re good friends who’ve known each other for a few decades.”


Carolyn lives in Carroll County, Maryland, and she and her friends are neighbours.

“They also have hot pink vests which look nice but also double as visibility safety for when they take walks on the country road together,” said Ian.

Ian posted a picture of Carolyn and her crew on Reddit where he remarked: “They look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of 2017.”

The post has more than 82,000 upvotes.

Carolyn working out

Ian said the ladies have “varying levels of comprehension” regarding the popularity of the Reddit post.

“My grandmother herself though never got on board with the whole internet thing though and I doubt she cares one way or the other,” said Ian. “She just likes to look good in a picture with her friends.”

So, why didn’t Ian’s girlfriend like the sunglasses?


“Well they just make a really big statement, you know?” he said. “Not saying they’re uncool or anything, but they just require a specific look to make it work.

“They were only $7 on Amazon so when I was visiting my grandmother and she needed a pair of shades it just seemed like a better fit.”

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