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This guy has taken Donald Trump’s ‘flip-flopping’ tweets and turned them into actual flip flops

The slides are a lighthearted take on President Trump’s contradictory tweets.

One feature of Donald Trump’s prolific Twitter output is his use of statements which appear to contradict tweets he sent some years earlier.

And while his timeline will be immortalised by watchful Twitter users, one man has decided to take what some call Trump’s flip-flopping to the next level.

Meet the President Flip Flops.

Presidential Flip Flops

The red and white slides feature Trump’s controversial tweets pre-presidency, along with a contradicting tweet a few years later, on each strap.

One of the most popular pairs of sliders features Trump’s electoral college tweets.

Here’s one from 2012:

But in 2016, the EC didn’t seem so bad anymore:

Designed to highlight Potus 45 “going back on his word, one step at a time”, creator Sam Morrison said the project was originally a joke he mocked up for his friends.

The 26-year-old told the Press Association: “I had always seen the President’s contradicting tweets on Twitter and wanted a way to visualise it. I came up with the the idea and made a quick Photoshop mock-up that I was just going to share with friends on Twitter.

“But right before I sent the tweet I realised it would be so much better to just make the actual product.”

Presidential flip flops Syria

The LA resident and art director said the side project is selling well, and that he would continue to stock the site if demand is high.

It appears people are taking to them like hot cakes.

For some, it’s what they never knew they needed.

And another user has suggested an idea for the next pair.

The Electoral College edition, Syria edition and Sources edition are on sale for $27.99 (£21) a pair.

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