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This guy perfectly performed six different characters with the same classic line

‘Hey guys, you’re gonna wanna take a look at this.’

When Ryan Creamer filmed himself saying “Hey guys, you’re gonna wanna take a look at this,” as six different characters, he didn’t know quite how many people really would want to take a look at it.

As it happens, thousands of people wanted to take a look at his hilarious and accurate rendition of the classic move line, which has become a blockbuster cliche.

From ‘scientist seeing something unusual on a computer screen’ to ‘guy on a boat looking at the oncoming storm’ every character is spot on.

“The background is I watched Se7en for the first time on Netflix earlier in the day,” said Ryan, who is a writer and performer.

“I don’t know if they even say: ‘You guys are gonna wanna take a look at this,’ in it, but that detective vibe was in my head and no one was home at my apartment so I just shot it real quick.

“I’m a writer at CollegeHumor and a performer at the UCB theatre in New York, and hopefully now will get to play this part in every movie for the rest of time.”

The seventh character writes itself. Twitter user who sees a funny video online and simply has to show their friends.

“Hey guys, you’re gonna wanna take a look at this.”

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