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This hilarious girl made a ‘wall of sorrow’ to encourage her dad to get a cat – and it worked

Peyton Grubisic’s entertaining creation has been shared tens of thousands of times online.

Persuading your parents to get you something is a classic trial of childhood, but this resourceful youngster came up with one remarkably entertaining solution.

In a story told by her older sister Danielle, 13-year-old Peyton Grubisic wanted a cat.

“Her and my dad have been arguing about it for a year since he’s allergic and didn’t want to have to take care of it!” Danielle told the Press Association.

In a new drive to get a feline, Peyton wrote a letter to her father Nick, telling him she would take the responsibility of taking care of it. When that failed, she create – in Danielle’s words – a “wall of sorrow”.

The wall of sorrow

“He eventually caved with the wall,” said Danielle, whose family lives in Texas. “They adopted the cat this last Saturday from a local shelter!”

Before you go thinking all this was a little harsh on poor father Nick, Danielle says his allergies “haven’t been too bad” – and he’s been spotted snuggling up with the family’s newest member, called Mittens.

Nick and Mittens

Pictures of the wall were shared by Danielle on Twitter, being shared tens of thousands of times.

A remarkable story of perseverance paying off.

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