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This Instagrammer creates beautiful works of art from his collection of books

James Trevino has attracted thousands of followers by creating amazing book-themed photographs.

(James Trevino)
(James Trevino)

James Trevino has gone viral on Instagram for his incredible, and unusual, book-themed artwork.

Trevino, 24, lives in Romania and creates unique photographs that incorporate his enormous book collection.

The photos, often literary-themed themselves, contain hundreds of multi-coloured books from his personal collection, and have attracted thousands of followers.

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Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher? 📚 #ad Why another Harry Potter themed pic you ask? Well, first of all, you can never have too many HP themed pics! Second, I just wanted to show off this awesome Quidditch hoodie the guys at @funidelia sent me. WHO DA CAPTAIN??? JAMES DA CAPTAIN! As for my favorite teacher: I would love to learn from Fake Moody (just cuz I am evil👿) but from a reader's standpoint no one beats McGonagall. 📚 How is your weekend going, guys? 📑 📑 📑 #funidelia #funideliamerchandise #whprelax #rainbow #harrypotter #goodreads #pottermore #kitap #hermionegranger #quidditch #dracomalfoy #ronweasley #bookish #book #bookstagram #bookworm #myeverydaymagic #seekthesimplicity #lecture #libro #livro #voldemort #hogwarts #hogwartsismyhome #writing #mystyle #outfitoftheday #igreads #igbooks

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Trevino said: “I started my account about two years ago, but my style as it is now is pretty recent. Maybe a few months old.

“I get inspired by pop culture most of the time: movies, TV series, cartoons and animes.”

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Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings/Tolkien character? 📚 One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 📚 If you have been here long enough you know about my obsession with everything Tolkien. The LOTR movies are my favorite movies of all time by far and I've watched them so many times I can literally quote them by heart (I did that with my brother when we watched Fellowship of the Ring recently for almost 20 minutes before he asked me to stop LMAO). 📚 I've read almost everything Tolkien wrote. I still have some of the History of Middle Earth series left and Unfinished Tales (which I just started today). My favorite Tolkien book is The Silmarillion (which I would place as my favorite book ever, tied with Harry Potter 6). As for favorite Tolkien character I will go with Feanor when we are talking the whole Tolkienverse and Arwen if we talk LOTR. OMG, I want someone to talk to about this universe nonstop! And can Amazon please hurry up with that series?!! I need something new to obsess over! 📚 Also, hope your weekend was great! 📑 📑 📑 #lordoftherings #lotr #bücher #tolkien #本 #読書 #booktography #thehobbit #hobbit #bookporn #jrrtolkien #bookstagram #booknerd #acreativevisual #megustaleer #aragorn #frodo #книжныйчервь #gandalf #middleearth #instalivre #hobbiton #sundayfunday #writerscommunity #artistsoninstagram

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Trevino said he never buys books solely to create specific works, instead choosing his collection based on his own reading taste.

He said: “My favourite book must be a tie between ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ by JK Rowling and ‘The Silmarillion’ by JRR Tolkien.

“I have a bunch of pics on Harry Potter since it is what got me into reading in the first place. I’ve recently created a pic inspired by Tolkien’s work as well.”

Trevino has attracted plenty of admirers through his work, gaining over 146,000 followers on Instagram.

He said: “Honestly, it is a bit overwhelming. It isn’t like books are the most popular thing in the world (unfortunately), so my ‘art’ (I wouldn’t even call it that because it seems very weird to me) getting such a huge reaction is mind boggling. But I am grateful, of course.”



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