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This is how a bunch of people say they contribute to society in ways other than their jobs

They exchanged tales of things they do that make them feel like they’re helping.

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything more you can do to be a good person, other than what you do for a living?

After Reddit user MaxCherry99 asked other members of the online community how they felt they contributed to society besides having a job, people answered in their droves.

There were some obvious ones. User Time_for_a_cuppa said they gave blood.

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“Although they give me tea and biscuits afterwards, I still feel that I am giving more than I am receiving,” they said.

And even little things made people feel like they were contributing.

“I pick up litter,” said user PittsburghJon. Every little helps, and the environment is important.

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Some people took contributing to the next level, endangering their own lives to help others.

“I am a volunteer Firefighter,” said rcmag.

You don’t have to sacrifice that much to make a difference though.

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User Typhoon2423 said they felt their best contribution was “trying to have a positive interaction with every person I come in contact with, even if it’s an indirect contact”.

Another responded saying “drunk me tells other girls in club toilets that they have great lipstick”.

This was widely agreed to be one of the best things you can do.

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Others were having some deep realisations about their lives.

“You made me realize that I haven’t made any meaningful contribution to society as of yet besides my job at Subway,” said user TriangularHexagon.

They were immediately reassured that people “love Subway”, and if it “wasn’t for people like you, there would be no Subway”.

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Another popular habit was driving related.

“I let people who use their blinker cut in front of me in traffic whenever possible,” said tiger_without_teeth.

“We’ve all been in the wrong lane at some point,” another sage user added.

But by far the most popular contribution was from user Spork__.

“I take my cart to the cart collection area after loading my car,” they said.

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Thank you, fine internet person. You really are making all the difference.

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