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This letter from a young Michael Owen to his mum is absolutely adorable

How is his handwriting so neat?

Former England striker Michael Owen has melted hearts after sharing a letter he wrote to his mum as a kid.

The 38-year-old posted an image of the letter, which he said was from more than 30 years ago, to Twitter.

In impressively neat handwriting, it read: “Thank – you mum for –
taking me to football
doing the dinner
taking me to school
doing the shopping
taking me to partys
lots of Love from
michael xxx”

It was accompanied by a picture of his mum, Jeanette, although some people thought it resembled someone else.

Everyone was impressed with the handwriting…

…if not the spelling.

With 40 goals for the national team, a few England fans probably owe a thank you to Michael’s mum too.

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