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This maestro’s inventive pool trick shots are a thing of beauty

Charles Lakey on skill, geometry and trying not to break too many wine glasses.

Charles Lakey’s nickname is The Inventor, and invention is exactly what he brings to the world of pool trick shots.

The Swedish professional pool player has played in tournaments, winning bronze and silver European medals and becoming the Swedish champion, but his real talent is trick shots – and the videos of his work are remarkable.

So, how does the 50-year-old do it?

“Setup shots are within three tries and take a few minutes to prepare,” Charles told the Press Association. “Skill shots, which is more my label, take longer.

“They’re most often my own creations and need to adjust and correct since the reality isn’t always the same as my mind.

“New skills usually take a few days to plan in my mind, then figuring out the amount of power I need or calculate and measure angles. It’s a lot of geometry and mathematics.”

“After I make them I watch and see if I can spice them up or make the look better by choosing striped balls, solids and maybe some props,” said Charles.

“I practice at least 10 good tries first since I often use wine glasses…”

“New ideas sometimes just pop up in my head,” said Charles. “But most often I search and practice to get the maximum power and build after that along with advanced geometry solutions.”

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“Getting into trick shots, you first need to know the basics of setting up the classics and have the fundamentals as a regular pool player,” said Charles. “The technique, stroke, a good equipment, stance, aiming etc.

“And the most important thing is to enjoy.”

“My plans for the future is first having my home page done, where I’m gonna have artistic pool, drills, the mental game, exhibition bookings and much more,” said Charles.

“Currently I’ve done several live shows in Sweden and also Norway, hopefully I get the chance to visit many more places.”

If you’d like to keep up to date with Charles’ inventions, follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

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